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Leadership and Management Services

Crowley & Lautenbach collaboratively focus on the betterment of leadership and management practices. What needs changing or fine-tuning?


Employee Engagement Surveys

Are employees quitting and you don't know why? Are employees feeling enriched and interested in the work they do? Are corporate retention strategies working?

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Executive Coaching

As coaches we develop a trusting relationship to create a safe environment where discussions are centered on career aspirations, goals, action plans, problem solving and achieving desired results.


Individual and Team Assessment Tools and Strategies

Crowley & Lautenbach are certified in behavioral assessment tools including Everything DiSC, Emotional Intelligence   , Emotional Intelligence Leadership and The Predictive Index. Generate plans to improve performance and culture.


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Peer advisory groups for CEOs, Presidents and Executives centered on professional and personal growth and development. Get better insights. Become a better leader. Make better decisions. Deliver better results.

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